Gold Standard Service for When You Need It Most

Being so much more than just a jewellery store, at Ram Jewellers we also buy your unwanted gold for cash.  As one of the largest and most established jewellers in Leicester, you can rely on us to give you a fair and current price for your gold.

We display live rates for gold so you can decide when you want to sell your unwanted gold for the best price. We are known for offering the highest amount for gold in Leicester, so if you want to sell your gold for cash come to Ram Jewellers for a fair, gold standard, service.

Our clients use our Cash for Gold service for many reasons:

To sell unwanted gold jewellery
To sell broken, damaged gold jewellery
To sell unwanted gold coins or bullion
To raise cash for bills

To pay for a well-deserved holiday
To buy a new car
To raise cash for a special occasion
To raise cash for a special gift

Get cash for your gold by following these 4 easy steps:


1. Use our Gold Calculator:

2. Complete this form:

(This is for your free “Gold Postage Return Pack”)

Fields marked with a * are required

3. Bag up your gold:

Place all your unwanted or damaged gold in the plastic bag contained within the Gold Postage Return Pack

Complete the label on the plastic bag with your details

Put the plastic bag into the Royal Mail Special Delivery bag, seal it and fill in the sender’s details


4. Receive your cash payment:

Within 4 working days of receiving your gold, we will contact you with an offer.

If you would like to continue to sell you gold just let us know by emailing or calling us and we’ll pay the money directly into you bank account.

Cash for Gold Service FAQs:


Money will be sent to you via the FPS system so within 2 hours, you will receive it directly into your bank once a price has been agreed.
Simply click the Cash For Gold link on the top menu, put in your estimated weight and fill out the form, we'll send a pack out for you to return back to us with your items, once we have this we'll call you, confirm your price and send the payment to you via FPS into your bank account.
The money supplied may differ to your estimated calculation, as we remove stones and non precious metals, such as springs, fillings and base metal clasps. We use precision electronic scales to calculate the exact weight and the price given will be on the day we receive your items.
Yes of course, we will be more than happy to answer any questions for you. Please call us on 0116 266 4278, Monday - Saturday from 11:45 am to 6:40 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Your items will be insured for up to £2500 when in transit.
If you decide not to sell your items, your items can be returned to you at a fee of £10.00.
Yes, you can use the calculator on our website, by clicking the Cash For Gold link on the top menu.