Happy 40th Anniversary Ram Jewellers: The Jewel In The Golden Mile

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Happy 40th Anniversary Ram Jewellers: The Jewel In The Golden Mile

On the 1st February 1974 a dream was realised. Forty years later that dream still exists. The idea: a bespoke jewellers specialising in beautiful Indian and Asian inspired jewellery in the heart of Leicester’s thriving community.

After forty years of incredible service, innovative designs and intricately tailored jewellery, Ram Jewellers takes a moment to look back at all it has achieved.

Like all innovative start-ups, Raman Visram, the company’s founder, faced an initial tough business climate. His immediate customers were local people and trade customers passing through the Leicester area. After years of building a superb reputation for bespoke, tailor made Asian jewellery, the business flourished.

In 1980′s the area developed and the Golden Mile was born on Belgrave Road, Leicester. Ram Jewellers became the jewel in its crown. Leicester’s Indian jewellery specialists, already established for over 40 years, became a booming success and aided the growth of the now internationally renowned stretch of Asian businesses.

The once small company that prided itself on exceptional customer service, innovative jewellery designs and tailor made pieces became an icon of trust and satisfaction to the community. Ram Jewellers reputation soared with its fame for providing the finest Indian jewellery designs in Leicester.

Fast forward to today and Ram Jewellers boast clientèle from all over the world. The internationally appreciated business has opened its doors to customers that come from far and wide, to benefit from their superb bespoke Indian jewellery collection.

The flourishing company has proved it can diversify too. Leicester’s jewellery specialists have moved with the times by offering ‘cash for gold’. The increasingly popular trend has proved a hit with the company, given their reputation for trust and satisfaction. Ram Jewellers is now known for offering the highest price on gold in the Leicester area.

After forty years of improvement, diversification and customer building Ram Jewellers can hold its head high and be proud of its incredible contribution to the community. The once small company in the heart of Leicester has given something special to the lives of people all over the world.

Ram Jewellers have built a company to be proud of…

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